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It's windy outside. Makes it harder to feel the sun, and easier to feel cold.

Also, have been wearing sweats all day, and by all day I truly mean all day. Also also have been lazy-as-balls.

Must be productive at some point today/tonight, so I am making myself a to-do list. On LJ, no less. 

To-Do List of Doom
find (free) sheet music for song that is stuck in my head
fill out the pretty paper sitting on the table
print stuff
clean out car (this will not get done tonight. No matter what I tell myself. Yet, I still continue to hope.)

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It's hard to believe a year has gone by so fast...

It really is. So much has happened. So much has changed, for better and for worse. SO much has happened, and I know personally I've changed so much.

Today has been spent reminiscing. Reading old IM conversations, reading old things written, thinking about things...just reminiscing nostalgically. For better or for worse.

But I can't believe, thinking back, how far things have come in a year. It's incredible.

There's not much else I want to say. But it's nice to go back to those thousands of memories and just remember, even the ones that have been so mushed together that I hardly remembered them anymore.

I've said it before, but it's been one HELL of a year, and, thinking back, I wouldn't change a damn thing. And I guess, when it comes down to it, that's really all that matters.

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What the fuck? What the fuckity fuck fuck fuck?



It's like...

I just don't know what else to say.

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Such much fun this weekend...

I love my friends SO much. Especially shopping with them.

Hee hee so many great things I didn't need that I now have, some of which are just amazing. :P

So tired from not getting enough (scratch that- practically no) sleep, and now I have to read an entire book for English tomorrow. An ENTIRE book. Which is why I'm on here, procrastinating. Urgh. Not good, not good at all. However, it's 8:00. Book is 123 pages long. I can do this. I can DO THIS.

Superbowl- gay *cue explosion* (almost as gay as Chico's!)

So many quotes from this weekend. Not enough energy to post them.

Did I mention I love my friends?
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last week's Grey's (shuttup, okay? I really like that show. And it's on tonight. I was refreshing my memory.) brought me to tears. OhmahGawd. Like sniffling, whimpering, eyes-get-all-crinkly tears. Just the end. It was like BAM here's-your-life-transcribed-on-the-glowy-screen-look-at-it lookatit. So good. And so, so, unbelievably sad.

I'm such a girl.
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I'm about to take a nap before my dreaded Fiction class, because my roommate and I are both dying of exhaustion.

Nothing terribly exciting to report. Funny Chem class, but nothing too extraordinary.

Life's a funny sort of thing, innit?

I'm almost done my book, which makes me sad because it's a good book and I've only just really gotten into it, and devoured half last night, so I've only got the ending left now :( And I bet in fiction we have to start Heart of Darkness, which I am dreading. However, HoD makes me think of English AP last year, and that makes me think of Wuthering Heights, which makes me think of Felix- "C'mere boy, put on your jacket!" Ahhh good times. We were such little geniuses- I remember when we were all a different character, and we made it so we all met up at the crossroads- Mrs. Cohoon was so excited haha.

Yesterday in acting I got to be a little kid martian from Mars. Good stuff.

No classes on Friday. Woot. I do have a work call though, I think, if I want to go. I

Speaking of work, work tomorrow. Yay money, boo work. Grey's tomorrow!! :D Although the everyone-falling-down previews were a little...strange. Hmmm. Don't disappoint me, Grey's. Just...don't.


Quote of the Day:

"Where can we find carbon?"
(various answers from class)
"Where else can we find carbon?"
"...your mom."
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I have homework to do that I really don't want to do. Really. It's Saturday night, for one thing. But if I don't do it tonight, I know I won't want to do it tomorrow, plus I have an acting thing at 2 and I know I'm just going to laze around tomorrow, more than likely. So, yeah. I should do that homework. But I'm sooooo (inexplicably) tired. And my room is warm. And it's comfy in my bed. And books are far away. Faaaarrrrr awwwwwaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy. Don't want to reeeeeeeeeeach theeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmm. Bleh.

Watching Corpse Bride. Ah how I lurve that movie. So many puns. Love Tim Burton. So much.

Sleep. No. Must. Homework. Must...do...homework...must...pass...college...must...not...procrastinate!!

Aergh. Precisely.

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How is it almost Febuary already? Time's going by way too fast.

This time last year, play practice had just started up...good times.

My car is sick. I hope it's not terminal. If it is, I need another job.

I think I might throw my phone away. Ha! Not really. But it's a nice thought all the same.

I gots a purty shirt from Hot Topic yesterday with Kelsey and saw a ton of old high school people at the mall: Brittany, Justin, Aaron, Elliott, David W.--it was kind of awesome. Like a mini reunion. Awwwwww.

So much homework to do. Weekends aren't supposed to have so much homework. Ew. Maybe I'll be a hobo. They don't have homework. They do, however, have lice, and then I'd have to cut my hair. :( So I guess I'll just do the homework.
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The Letter of the Day is...

Dear ID,
Please come home. I miss you. You are my wonderful ID and I don't know why you ran away, because you were definitely safely and securely in my pocket when I got lunch. But then, yes, I changed pants, and when I went to find you again, you are not there. Where are you? Are you cold, lost, hurt, alone? Please, please, please come home because I really don't want to have to buy a new ID because they are expensive and I am, alas, poor. But without you my access to food is gone :(
Please come back. I'll buy you something. I'll never lose you again!
I miss you!
-Your lovely owner
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